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Our Vision

Contributing to bridging the skills and employment gap in the UK workforce by ensuring diversity and equality.

Our Mission

TAB supports immigrants in the UK by providing information and training to enable them to gain access to employment that correlates with their existing skills and experience and where possible advance their skills to get into meaningful employment.

Employment Support

We provide UK immigrants with the information and interview coaching that prepares them to secure careers within their existing skills and experience. 

We recognize that some professionals may require some training and certification to move their existing skills to the UK, TAB provides all the support needed for this such as mentors in the proposed field, access to training and certification at a reasonable cost, and in some cases funding. 

TAB liaises with the relevant individuals, organizations, and facilitators to provide handholding and support until our clients secure employment in the targetted field.


Your decisions and outcome as an immigrant largely depend on the persons you associate with i.e. your circle. TAB creates a healthy community of like-minded achievers who come together to share their journeys, and better equip themselves for life in the diaspora. New immigrants can access both the motivation and support required to strive for more.

What we Offer

A knowledge bank, backed by years of research, and information from experts, where we share tips and information covering everything you need to thrive in the UK.

A Podcast where we interview immigrants in the diaspora who are thriving in the UK not just to hear their stories but to understand their journeys and challenges.

Short courses and training on getting into specific jobs, often offering hand holding from the point of curating your relevant experience, discovering job opportunities, securing interviews and training on interview skills.

Our Why

According to research, blacks have the highest percentage of workers in the lowest skilled type occupations. Even more revealing is the fact that black workers make up the highest percentage (of any ethnic group) of workers in the caring (Health and Social Care) and leisure (bars, clubs, etc) jobs. In addition to this, the black ethnic group has the lowest percentage of workers in manager, director, or senior official jobs (5%).

A lot of immigrants approach life in the diaspora with the ‘hustle mentality’. They live for survival, give up their dreams, visions, and aspirations because of the pressure to meet expectations and daily needs. On the other hand, there is also the belief that escaping the challenges of living in their home countries is all that matters and that life in the diaspora is a favour done to them. They end up settling for less jobs than they deserve, many work round the clock, neglect their families, and simply exist for daily bread.

Partner with Us

We are always on the lookout for strategic partnerships and collaborations that will add value to the lives of immigrants in the UK and beyond. If you have a product or service you would like to make available to immigrants, kindly reach out to us.


We are currently in need of volunteers who believe in our vision and would like to offer their services. If this sounds like you, please click on the link below to see the available positions and indicate interest.

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